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Client Video: Sun-Maid positions for sustainable growth


The CEO of iconic food brand and company Sun-Maid describes how his organization reset its cost base and transformed a legacy culture, thanks to SGS Maine Pointe's Total Value Optimization (TVO)™ approach.

The video describes:

  • The challenges facing the organization as it prepared to expand

  • The solutions were implemented as part of a step-by-step TVO transformation journey, including a rapid transformation of procurement and supply chain practices 

The results:

  •  Achieved a 20% EBITDA improvement​
  • Developed a road map to drive millions in unexpected additional synergies that will result in a further 10% EBITDA improvement​
  • Delivered a 20% reduction in addressable material spend and an 18% reduction in overall addressable spend​
  • Reduced transportation costs by 13% despite industry headwinds​
  • Improved working capital position while keeping excellent service levels​
  • Removed functional silos within divisions by creating cross-functional teams to resolve complexities in areas such as quality assurance, service levels and non-value-added activities​
  • Delivered a 4:1 project ROI


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