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Data Analytics

Actionable insights to optimize operations and implement an on-demand supply chain for competitive advantage

Data Analytics and Accelerated Digital Approach

Senior executives are universally interested in meaningful tools to help communicate where and how opportunities can be realized in their business to achieve high performance and competitive advantage.

SGS-Maine Pointe’s Total Value Optimization™ approach to data analytics is an easily communicated scale of how any firm is performing in the critical buy-make-move-fulfill supply chain across the critical dimensions of procurement, logistics, and operations.

Our data analyst, data architecture and business intelligence experts have a wealth of experience working with clients and our operational implementation teams to drive actionable, measurable outcomes across the end-to-end supply chain. Our analysts use sophisticated tools to carry out advanced mining, analysis, modeling and predictive techniques. These help clients transform data into insight for operational implementation and business advantage. SGS-Maine Pointe's data analytics capability is a key enabler that underpins our pragmatic, results-driven
Total Value Optimization™ approach.


  • Help CEOs and senior executives visualize and realize the power of data to create an optimized, demand-driven digital supply chain for competitive advantage

  • Turn data into meaningful business executive insight

  • Liberate, cleanse and drive insights from data located across multiple data and functional silos

  • Drive real value from existing IT platforms and provide near-real time insights and control across the supply chain

  • Drive measurable improvements in cost, cash, resilience and growth ​
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Distinctive, measurable value for clients

Our capabilities lie at the confluence of data analytics, procurement, logistics, operations and LOI.

Our approach to data analytics is distinctive because:

  • We deliver EBITDA & cash by helping CEOs & CXOs identify trends and take timely corrective actions

  • Being technology agnostic, we are ideally positioned to help leverage the power of data and act as the pragmatic bridge between big data, supply chain and customer experience corporate initiatives

  • We turn data into meaningful business executive insight

  • We help clients drive real value from existing IT platforms

  • We provide pragmatic workable solutions that help optimize existing platforms

We enable CEOs to visualize and realize the power of data analytics to create an optimized on-demand supply chain for competitive advantage

The resilient, agile, digitally enabled supply chain of the future  

With only one in 50 digital supply chain transformation programs having a measurable ROI business case, many executives remain confused about digital supply chain transformation and where to start.

This FAQ perspectives paper answers some frequently asked questions to help you navigate your way to a measurable, digitally-led and demand-driven future.


What Our Clients Say

Experience the difference

Data Analytics Success Stories

Driving measurable and sustainable change

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Data analytics delivered visibility to spend for the CEO of a contract manufacturer, creating a compelling case for supply chain transformation.

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Overcoming resource constraints to drive supply chain improvements in a low margin/rising commodity market

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Our News

SGS Maine Pointe Partners with dSilo to Provide AI-Driven Contract Performance and Insights

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the dSilo team to offer our clients cutting edge, AI-generated insights that focus on value creation for the supply chain,” said Nathanael Powrie, EVP Data Analytics at SGS Maine Pointe. “We see a tremendous opportunity to help our clients process, and derive hidden value from, unstructured data received from their end-to-end supply chain.”

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"SGS-Maine Pointe's data analytics team transformed our raw data into powerful insights that enabled us to significantly improve efficiency in our business."

COO - Global Packaging Company

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