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Private Equity Consulting

Drive 10-30% of accelerated, measurable improvements
in EBITDA, cash, resilience, and growth across your portfolio company supply chains and operations.

Don’t settle for marginal improvements

Capture the significant double-digit improvements we are delivering to clients today.

For private equity partners and portfolio CEOs looking for a step-change in measurable enterprise value, we identify and take responsibility for the implementation of financial gains and operations value creation across the entire PE deal life cycle: from due diligence, to in-flight improvement and integration, through to pre-exit optimization.

Unlike other point consulting providers, our unique accelerated and guaranteed Total Value Optimization (TVO)TM approach drives the triple impact of reducing costs, releasing cash, and improving service levels across a company’s entire supply chain and operation.


Total Value Optimization (TVO)TM

TVO delivers measurable and long-lasting enterprise value improvement leading to improved fund performance, by driving enhanced value and resilience across the entire buy-make-move supply chain and operation.

Total Value Optimization (TVO)TM

Most consulting firms deploy a traditional consulting model, looking to identify savings with point solutions; for example, strategic sourcing, forecasting, inventory management, lean manufacturing, or distribution. However, successful implementation of point solutions do not deliver substantial and long-term EBITDA, service, and resilience gain.

The TVO Difference - Don’t settle for marginal improvements

Total Value OptimizationTM is the best approach we have seen to achieve integrated supply chain excellence in logistics, operations, and procurement

- J. Paul Dittmann Ph.D., Executive Director
Global Supply Chain Institute, University of Tennessee

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TVO Quick WinsTM

The TVO Quick Wins ProgramTM rapidly identifies opportunities across your end-to-end supply chain and operations, then implements expedited, measurable financial results.

TVO Quick WinsTM Program

Our TVO Quick WinsTM program has been specifically designed for private equity investors, lenders, and portco CEOs who need to rapidly deliver enhanced profitability and cash flow in both underperforming and performing companies.

Rapid Insights

In just a few weeks, our rapid insights and analytics-led approach provides clarity into the opportunities, benefits range, implementation road-map, and business case for your TVO Quick WinsTM program.

Implement for Results

Unlike other consulting firm offerings, we don’t just tell you where the opportunities are. Our seasoned industry, supply chain and operations experts work shoulder-to-shoulder with you and your teams to capture the financial benefits you’re looking for: enhanced cashflow and profitability.

Benefits & Track Record

10% to 30%

Average EBITDA growth

40% to 100%

Improvement in near-term cash

4:1 to 8:1

ROI in year one

icon 6

Improve exit quality, valuation
multiples, and growth



delivered in weeks or months, not years

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Reduce average holding periods by 1 to 3 years

20+ Years

PE & Lender Experience

Improve exit quality, valuation multiples, and growth

$4+ Billion

In value creation delivered


Unique 100% fee-based guarantee


Operational Due Diligence

For over 20 years we have been providing operational due diligence services to private equity teams, resulting in improved confidence, deal conversion, and acceleration in time-to-value creation.

Rapid Insights for Value Creation and Risk Reduction

Our hands-on accelerated approach uncovers and implements supply chain and operations-oriented value creation opportunities both pre- and post-acquisition. Taking an ROI-driven, accelerated and digitally-led approach helps private equity buyers become smarter in their buying decisions, have a more robust investment thesis and accelerate the integration and time-to-value realization process. This insights-driven methodology is integrated into our accelerated end-to-end supply chain and operations transformation approach called Total Value Optimization.

Core Benefits

  • Identifies opportunities earlier
  • Increases bidding competitiveness
  • Improves win rate
  • Reduces acquisition and operational risk
  • Identifies supply chain savings & improvements
  • Accelerates time-to-value creation
  • Maximizes exit value

Drive value across the entire PE deal life cycle from due diligence through in flight improvement and integration to pre-exit optimization.

Due Diligence Case Study

When a PE firm asked for due diligence on a prospective add-on to an industrial distribution and manufacturing company, SGS Maine Pointe analyzed both the platform and add-on companies to determine synergies and value creation opportunities.

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In-Flight Improvement and Acquisition Integration

We’ve delivered more than $4B in enterprise value for our PE clients by driving accelerated operations improvement and integration across their portfolio company’s supply chains and operations.

After successfully helping you through your due diligence, our hands on and highly experienced subject matter experts work with you and your teams to accelerate your 100-day plan and implement a step-change in improvement across your portfolio company supply chains and operations.

The Key to Driving Maximum Enterprise Value

Unlike point solutions for improvement, our Total Value OptimizationTM approach delivers measurable and long-lasting enterprise value improvement leading to improved fund performance, by driving integrated value and resilience across the entire plan-buy-make-move supply chain and operation, fast.

Core Benefits

  • Aligns management and organizations
  • Accelerates value, capture step-change improvements, and deliver quick wins
  • Increases process consistency and maturity
  • Creates a sustainable platform for growth
  • Integrates, consolidates, and standardizes operations across the supply chain, manufacturing, and distribution
  • Accelerates and sustains EBITDA, cash, resilience, and growth
  • Delivers 4-8:1 ROI

The core way to drive enterprise value leading to pre-exit optimization.

In-Flight Case Study

A leading private equity sponsor was planning a complicated reverse merger: carving out a global chemical company and merging it with a well-known family-owned business.

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Pre-Exit Optimization

Our pre-exit optimization service is designed to assist private equity firms in maximizing exit valuations and enhancing their deal close rate.

Greater Exit Valuation

Our accelerated approach identifies future value creation opportunities and executes select elements of the plan to demonstrate sustainable value realization financially.

Closing More Deals

Unlike other firms, we help deals complete. We close the bid offer gap by demonstrating the sell side benefits that are applicable to both seller and buyer.

Core Benefits

  • Maximizes deal returns before exit
  • Accelerates benefits capture
  • Provides independent business plan validation
  • Articulates a long-term improvement plan
  • Optimizes market value
  • Improves the deal close rate

The best way to maximize enterprise value before exit

Pre-Exit Case Study

Having successfully worked with this PE client to stand up portfolio companies post carve-out, we were approached to help increase the exit valuation of an asset in the specialty chemicals sector.

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What our clients say


“Maine Pointe consultants, working side by side with our team, elevated our competitive edge in the market place and positioned our company to absorb additional work through sales via organic growth or mergers and acquisitions.”


 “This initiative has increased our understanding of the competitive dynamics within our supply chain as well as major risks and opportunities, and we are going to leverage this knowledge to create a competitive advantage.”

What struck me on Maine Pointe's Total Value Optimization was the high degree of interconnectivity that it created.

- Harry Overly, CEO of Sun-Maid

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