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Witness real-world success stories and learn from our impactful solutions. Explore our compelling case studies and client videos that showcase how our consulting firm drives tangible results in supply chain and operations.

Client Satisfaction Videos

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Joe Armstrong CAE video featured image 02-14-22

For a rapidly growing company, SGS Maine Pointe reduced business risk, drove cross-functional collaboration and alignment, and enhanced both visibility and control. Joe Amstrong, VP of CAE, a global high-tech provider of simulation, training, and support solutions, describes how Total Value Optimization (TVO)™ delivered sustainable transformational change.

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gary cohen qualitor video featured image 02-14-22

A 25% EBITDA improvement and 100% on-time schedule strengthened the competitive position of Qualitor, a leading aftermarket brake part supplier in the automotive industry. The CEO discusses how SGS Maine Pointe helped capture labor savings by transferring operations to Mexico; find new opportunities; reduce risks; and implement a strong governance process.

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Titan Video Thumbnail-1

A 15% savings in logistics procurement, 7% in steel, and 19% in MRO/indirect costs helped Titan International achieve an 11% EBITDA improvement in a rising market. The CEO of this world-leading manufacturer of off-the-road tires and tracks praises SGS Maine Pointe’s strategic sourcing, sales and operations planning, and Total Value Optimization (TVO)™ approach.

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SGS Maine Pointe’s Total Value Optimization (TVO)™ approach delivered common processes, controls, and data analytic tools, with a 20% improvement in EBITDA. The CEO of SupplyOne, a PE-owned packaging products and service provider credits TVO with unifying 20 years of acquisitions and unleashing the potential for further growth.

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Cubic thumbnail

SGS Maine Pointe cut global procurement spend 10.5% over 17 major categories and exceeded the cost-saving expectations of Cubic, a market-leading high-technology provider of systems and services to the transportation and defense markets. The CEO explains how we rationalized the supply chain and improved efficiency with measurable, sustainable changes.

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Harry Overly Sun Maid video featured image 02-14-22

How do you achieve a 20% EBITDA improvement, with a 4:1 project ROI, and develop a roadmap to drive millions more in savings? SGS Maine Pointe delivered those results and more to Sun-Maid Growers of California. The CEO affirms, “SGS Maine Pointe has positioned us for growth in the future.”

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Voyant Thumbnail

SGS Maine Pointe gave Voyant Beauty visibility into spend, achieving savings as high as 25% and synchronizing the supply chain. The CEO of this leading contract manufacturer to the personal care and beauty industry states, “These projects drive real bottom line benefits for both our customers and ourselves.”

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oxford screen shot

SGS Maine Pointe delivered a 27% increase in throughput to Oxford Instruments, a leading provider of high technology products and services to the world’s foremost industry and research organizations. The CEO, CFO, CHRO, and a divisional MD explain how we helped them achieve measurable, sustainable improvements to enable long-term growth and margin improvement.

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Klausner Video Screengrab

SGS Maine Pointe’s rigorous strategic procurement process and procurement management operating system (PMOS) improved EBITDA 10% for Klaussner Home Furnishings while strengthening the alignment between goals and accountability. As the CEO states: “The results speak for themselves.”

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Kirk Goins Luminator New

EBITDA improved 32% for Luminator Technology Group when SGS Maine Pointe rationalized 3 manufacturing facilities, improved operational efficiency 6%, reduced global procurement spend by 10.9%, and established a standardized new product introduction (NPI) process. The CEO of this high-tech and electronics company talks candidly about the benefits of working with SGS Maine Pointe.

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Borches Client Testimonial

Overcoming skepticism by the leadership team, SGS Maine Pointe delivered a cash neutral project to Borchers in just 17 weeks. We improved EBITDA 26% and reduced manufacturing costs 10%. The President of this specialty chemicals and materials company explains how we helped improve its profitability by switching from tactical to strategic procurement.

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Taylor Client Testimonial-1

With a quick win savings of 11% on raw material costs and a 45% improvement in payment terms (cash release), SGS Maine Pointe improved the EBITDA of Taylor by 20%. The CEO of Taylor, a specialty chemicals manufacturer, was pleased that we positioned his company “for extreme market growth.”

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Qualitor Client Testimonial

In just 8 weeks, SGS Maine Pointe delivered annualized savings of $600,000 to Qualitor, an automotive components company, as well as 89% total savings for the holding company. The EBITDA improvement across the two companies was 78%, with a project ROI of more than 10:1. The CFO discusses how we improved direct, indirect, and logistics spend.

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EaglePicher Client Testimonial

The VP of operations and supply chain at EaglePicher Technologies explains how SGS Maine Pointe “worked hand-in-hand with our employees” to improve productivity 31% and gain immediate savings of 10% year-over-year on direct materials with existing suppliers. Using the Total Value Optimization (TVO)™ approach, we raised the maturity of procurement and doubled EBITDA.

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