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Energy Consulting

Energize your supply chain to offset price volatility, global demand, and tightening supply.

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Focus areas

Energy Transition, Net Zero & Carbon Neutral

Meet the obligations and grasp the opportunities presented by the Energy Transition.

Key areas we focus on across CCUS, Hydrogen, LNG, Solar, Wind and Battery Technologies:

  • Due Diligence & Risk Management
  • Supply Chain Start Ups
  • Fast Track Product Development
  • Commercial/Launch/Production Readiness
  • Digital Transformation
  • Supply Chain Resilience

Generation, Transmission, and Distribution

We maximize profit and control costs with sustainable change, from the remotest fields to the boardroom.

The challenges:

  • Climate Change
  • Resource Scarcity
  • Competition
  • Demographic Shifts
  • Volatile Economy
  • Aging Assets
  • New Technology
  • Skills Shortage
  • Supply & Demand Imbalance

Digital for Energy

Advanced data analytics, dashboards, digital twinning, and the TVO™ control tower give you visibility and control over every function.

We provide: 

  • Digital Twin
  • TVO Control Tower
  • Self-Serve Advanced Data Analytics
  • Network & Footprint Optimization
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Spend Analytics



Oil & Gas

Find sustainable solutions to your unique, global challenges in procurement, operations, logistics, and regulatory compliance.

We provide value adding services for upstream, midstream and downstream operators including: 

  • Throughput & Capacity Utilization
  • Maintenance & Turnaround
  • Improvement
  • Yield &  Hydrocarbon losses
  • Strategic Procurement (Direct, Indirect & CAPEX)
  • Logistic Solutions

Energy Procurement

We leverage our understanding of industry processes and deep expertise and relationships with suppliers in the energy markets to reduce your delivered energy costs.

We offer value to commercial and industrial clients through:

  • Energy demand analytics
  • Optimized contract structures
  • Robust energy supplier interaction
  • Energy management strategies and practices
  • Energy price risk management tools

How we work with you

Create OptionalityOvercome raw material shortages through supplier optionality. Evaluate transportation and storage options. Measure the cost/benefit of technological improvements.

Optimize. Close skills, safety, & planning gaps. Improve SIOP processes. Ensure trustworthy data flow.

Maintain efficiencySet up best practices throughout the business. Increase supply chain visibility.



Up to 8:1

ROI in year one

10% to 30%

Average EBITDA Growth

Where do you begin?


Talk to an energy consultant

Let's discuss your challenges to develop an action plan.

Energy propels global growth, but at a cost that often leaves energy companies themselves struggling.

We partner with you for:


Demand Planning


Optimal Utilization of Assets


ESG & Regulatory Compliance

How the energy industry can prepare for five major trends

Trend #1: Private Contracts

Companies and local governments around the global are making their own deals for green energy, without reference to broader public contracts. These private contracts or power purchase agreements (PPA) can be on-site, off-site, or virtual.

How to Prepare: Advanced data analytics helps to reassure customers that you are delivering and they are receiving the promised benefits from green energy. But first make sure the data you both rely on is accurate, complete, and timely.

Trend #2: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence promises better forecasting and balancing of supply and demand and greater coordination between dispersed sources of energy (for example, the separate solar farms in various PPA agreements).

How to Prepare: AI is only as good as the process it is controlling. Before you invest further in technology, optimize your end-to-end supply chain processes to create a firm, reliable foundation.

Trend #3: New Materials and Designs

Energy companies are searching for new, more available materials and designs that convert energy more efficiently, need less maintenance, are more resistant to environmental forces.

How to Prepare: Supplier optionality uncovers new sources while design for excellence encourages experimentation with materials and designs. Both efforts require taking down communication barriers between procurement, operations, engineering, logistics, and the C-suite to ensure that innovations return the greatest possible ROI.

Trend #4: Transportation Changes

Governments are legislating in favor of renewable fuel for transportation. Global companies are investing in heavy duty trucks using biofuels and hydrogen fuel cells .

How to Prepare: Analyze your own logistics to determine the true cost of servicing your customers. Supply chain simulation, coupled with capacity and geographic optionality, may point the way to logistics changes that trigger cost savings, efficiency, and better customer service.

Trend #5: M&A

Mergers and acquisitions give traditional energy companies openings into the renewables arena and a chance to reduce their carbon footprint.

How to Prepare: You need a clear M&A strategy to guide expansion in the right direction; and you need a consistent integration strategy to ensure that anticipated savings and synergies are realized. Set up those strategies in advance, to encourage the spread of uniform, measurable systems, processes, and goals.

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Recent Case Studies

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Accelerating savings during a 5-year value capture plan (CS300)

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Creating significant pre-exit valuation multiples for a PE firm (CS298)

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Reducing variability in the line and boost throughput with innovative tools and processes (CS296)

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Accelerating throughput to meet increasing demand (CS291)

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What our clients say

There's a never-ending stream of opportunities. You just need to look at it differently.

-Richard McEvoy, CEO of Voyant Beauty

What struck me on Maine Pointe's Total Value Optimization was the high degree of interconnectivity that it created.

-Harry Overly, CEO of Sun-Maid

We have expectations to grow this business by 25 to 50 percent in the next five years.

-Brent Yeagy, President & CEO of Wabash

Practical Insights

Know what you need to know

Growth and Resiliency Strategies with Less Capital and Fewer Resources

Growth and Resiliency Strategies with Less Capital and Fewer Resources

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Will your EBITDA hold up as the market demands lower prices?

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As quoted in

Specialty Chemicals Magazine

“Logistics constraints and energy scarcity are exerting pressure all along the supply chain.... The first step in optimizing a supply chain is to find out what does and does not work. That requires visibility into the end-to-end supply chain. Creating real-time visibility usually requires pulling together siloed information from multiple legacy systems.” HEAD OF CHEMICALS & ENERGY, SGS MAINE POINTE

Supply Chain Management Review

"You can offset your ESG investment and drive short- or medium-return on business…. If you want to want to sell the benefits of ESG improvement, then you need to align your messaging with the needs of your executive management team.” FOUNDER, SGS MAINE POINTE

Energy Team Leaders


Stephen Ottley

Head of Chemicals & Energy


Denis Godbout

Managing Director


Sheehan Gallagher

Managing Director


Tyler Drenth

Director, Strategy & Business Development

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