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4 Solutions to Permian Basin Challenges


November 2023 - Written by Sheehan Gallagher, Managing Director of Energy and Tyler Drenth, Director, Strategy & Business Development. 

The Permian Basin, the top US oil and gas field, produces around 6 million barrels of oil and 24 billion cubic feet of gas per day at the end of 2023, and is set to maintain its leading position for years to come. However, challenges such as water management, ESG concerns, and heightened competition for resources loom. How operators tackle these issues will significantly impact a company's competitiveness. Finding cost-effective solutions that align with short and long-term objectives is crucial.

Sheehan Gallagher, Managing Director – Energy, recently wrote a piece for the Executive Oil Conference regarding some of the current challenges and highlighted, “It is imperative that Operators adopt leading-edge supply chain practices in order to control costs and ensure access to critical materials & services in the Permian Basin.”

Click below if you would like to read Sheehan’s four key solutions to Permian Basin challenges. 


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