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Finding value, reducing cost across aerospace & defense supply chain

Aerospace and defense companies achieve better yield, quality, throughput, and productivity when they work with the consulting team of SGS Maine Pointe, according to a recent article in Aerospace Defense Review. In SGS Maine Pointe: Measurable Improvements in Operations and Supply Chain, Kevin Krot, head of Aerospace and Defense, and Christopher Brumitt, Managing Director, explain how SGS Maine Pointe optimizes procurement, operations, and logistics to expand supplier options, reduce risks, reduce costs, and achieve the highest impact.

“We are a supply chain operations-focused firm,” says Krot. SGS Maine Pointe works hand-in-hand with clients to break down silos, streamline manufacturing, reduce assembly and lead times, and fill gaps between a company’s current situation and its goals. Among other strategies, the SGS Maine Pointe teams identify at-risk suppliers, use optionality to identify alternative or additional suppliers, restructure cost models, and reduce operating costs, while upgrading the maturity of the client’s procurement, operations, and logistics teams.

A winner of multiple awards, including Forbes 2022 America’s Best Management Consulting Firms, and the Consulting.US award as #1 Supply Chain Consulting Firm in the US, SGS Maine Pointe uses techniques such as value stream mapping, optionality, Total Value Optimization™, Design for Excellence (DfX), and advanced data analytics to deliver value and increase visibility across the plan-make-buy-move supply chain.

Recently, for a satellite company, SGS Maine Pointe’s team improved producibility, standardized spend categories, reassessed the company’s make identity, and increased collaboration to deliver 25X ROI, including $68 million in annualized savings and $23 million in additional identified benefits. The team made the company more competitive and developed operating models to ensure the changes stuck.

As Krot explained, SGS Maine Pointe is “not only cost-driven but lead-time driven because we know that’s where the impact is.” Working hand-in-hand with clients, SGS Maine Pointe accelerates the path to increased EBITA, cash, and growth.

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