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Increasing Supply Chain Complexities Threaten Profits

Steve Bowen’s new book “Total Value Optimization” describes the pressure today’s corporate leaders are under to deliver differentiated, lasting performance—fast.

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The world is changing rapidly, and Industry 4.0 is driving new business models. Competitors are becoming more numerous, more formidable, and more global, which puts profitability at risk as whole supply chains shift in industries. Steve Bowen’s new book “Total Value Optimization” describes the pressure today’s corporate leaders are under to deliver differentiated, lasting performance—fast.

Bowen, one of the world's leaders in the supply chain arena, believes CEOs and supply chain leaders must place customer value at the heart of their businesses, through a demand-driven digital supply chain. And, according to new research published by the University of Tennessee’s Global Supply Chain Institute, he is right. The survey, sponsored by Maine Pointe, found that increasing supply chain complexities can be successfully overcome through better end-to-end-collaboration. The study identifies this as a largely untapped area for competitive advantage.

The research outlines how cross-functional collaboration and supply chain integration are challenging business goals, and many companies are deprioritizing these initiatives because their value is hard to define. The Total Value Optimization (TVO) methodology, featured in the research and Bowen’s book, has helped CEOs and supply chain leaders quantify and deliver the benefit of driving cross-functional collaboration across their procurement, logistics, and operations functions. “TVO goes beyond traditional approaches to ensure companies not only survive but thrive,” said Steve Bowen, chairman, and CEO of Maine Pointe.

Bowen’s book shows the reader how to analyze the supply chain, from the acquisition of raw materials all the way to the on-time and in-full delivery to the customer, and bring it to the highest level possible. TVO's step-by-step system has proven successful across many industries. “Here’s an example of the TVO approach in action,” said Bowen. “A CEO who has consistently applied TVO across three corporations, both public and private equity-owned. Implementing these changes has enabled him to generate $290M in EBITDA, $310M in cash and growth through improved customer responsiveness.”

Could your supply chain withstand a crisis like recent global natural disasters? Is your supply chain optimized to deliver maximum value under normal conditions? Are you ready to adapt to rapidly changing conditions and to leverage the power of data analytics? Packed with real-life case studies and a wealth of practical business experience, “Total Value Optimization” is your roadmap to better organizational performance, continued growth, and higher return on your investment.

Highly respected people in the industry have already endorsed "Total Value Optimization,” including J. Paul Dittmann, Ph.D., Executive Director of Global Supply Chain Institute, University of Tennessee; James R. Voss, CEO of Vectra; and John D. Baumann, President, and CEO of Colony Brands, Inc.

About the Author 

Steven J. Bowen has more than thirty years of P&L experience, leading turnarounds, high-growth businesses, and Fortune 1000 companies. With strong credentials in advising CEOs and private equity partners and an exceptional track record in lean and demand-pull global environments, his firm is a leader in sustainable global supply chain transformation. Bowen is also chairman and CEO of Maine Pointe, LLC.

(TOTAL VALUE OPTIMIZATION: Transforming your global supply chain into a competitive weapon by Steven J. Bowen; ISBN 13: 978-0-692-94607-7; 275 pages; 6”x 9”; Paperback: $19.99; Electronic: $9.99; SJDB LLC)




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