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SGS-Maine Pointe Featured in Aerospace Tech Review Magazine, Spring 2022 Issue

SGS-Maine Pointe dominated the Spring issue of Aerospace Tech Review.

Jeff Staub’s insights are included as a key part of the article, 'Blockchain: the future of tracking aircraft parts,' (pg. 36) a thought piece that discusses the problems of Suspected Unapproved Parts.

Jeff is quoted in the article saying that blockchain holds the potential to be a single source of truth, and a tool for monitoring each part through every step of the supply chain, and also reinforcing its potential for enhancing automation and collaboration.

Also in the same issue, Chris Brumitt’s article, 'Cycle of startup disruption continues to advance the aerospace industry,' (pg. 64) answers questions about how disruptive and innovative companies are changing the industry, and potentially replacing incumbent players.

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