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Steve Ottley featured in May-June edition of Speciality Chemicals Magazine


Steve Ottley, Head of Delivery & Quality at SGS Maine Pointe, discusses the chemical industry's need to recognize China's market share growth and its impact on earnings in the latest Speciality Chemicals Magazine issue. His article, "The strategic edge of network modelling & footprint rationalization," highlights how real-time visibility into the supply chain and analysis of capacity, capability, and costs can enhance capacity planning and operational agility.

By utilizing network modeling, one chemical company achieved $24 million in savings and a 10% spend reduction through obstacle tracking, logistics optimization, and data-driven decision-making. Footprint rationalization also helped offset margin leakage and productivity drops by enforcing standardization, aligning changes with goals, and mitigating sources of risk. Steve invites discussions on how these strategies can benefit companies navigating supply and demand fluctuations and aiming for sustained growth and operational excellence.


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