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The 2024 CSCO Agenda



January 2024  - Matthew Lekstutis, CEO of SGS Maine Pointe, wrote an article for Supply Chain Management Review which emphasizes the crucial role of CSCOs as the driving force in navigating these challenges and ensuring the success of strategic procurement initiatives.

The 2024 CSCO agenda focuses on leveraging strategic procurement to effectively control spending and maximize value creation, especially in deflationary markets. This comes as we step into the fifth year of the Roaring '20s: Decade of Digitalization and Disruption. Supply network executives are poised to exert significant influence in strategic procurement, especially in conditions where buyer power is heightened, and supply network risk reaches unprecedented levels. CSCOs play a pivotal role in managing these risks by evaluating the efficacy of key strategic procurement strategies. This involves maximizing the strategic value of suppliers, fortifying the supply network, developing technological solutions, and capitalizing on market headwinds. 

Discover how strategic procurement can equip your organization for sustainable expansion. 

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