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Breaking down the silos between operations and procurement functions

Most executives today recognize that a 'silo' mentality within an organization is a barrier to growth and efficiency, yet many still struggle to synchronize procurement, operations, manufacturing, logistics and fulfillment operations to anticipate demand and effectively meet customer requirements. There are many benefits to breaking down silos, the most obvious is that you will save money but more importantly it will enable you to improve both your supplier and customer relationships.

The most successful companies aspire to best-in-class performance across all functions, aligning supply chain and materials strategies with operational strategies to embed a total value chain perspective. Given the ongoing pressure on corporate profits, we believe that this is a business imperative which can only be successfully achieved if management leads and helps everyone understand why change and innovation must happen.

Many business leaders try to tackle this problem by investing heavily in ERP systems, which frequently fail to deliver value. In our experience, the highest value is achieved when external resources have full license to identify opportunities and drive improvements across the buy-make-move-fulfill supply chain, what Maine Pointe calls Total Value Optimization™.

Click here to find out how Maine Pointe worked simultaneously with procurement and operations functions to help a PE-owned Global Packaging Company break down silos to transform its financials and increase EBITDA by 56%.

As specialists in procurement, logistics and operations, we know that there are cost savings to be found almost everywhere in the key areas of your value chain. Not only that, we have the experience, methodology and capability to deliver significant savings and help clients move up the maturity curve to achieve Total Value Optimization™.

Find out how Maine Pointe can help assess your operations and implement improvement projects that deliver fast and compelling economic returns.

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