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New Report Details a $100M EBITDA Opportunity for North American Oil Refiners

Maine_Pointe_Focal_Pointes_Refineries-1.jpgNow is the time for maritime shipping

From a crude logistics standpoint, we are witnessing one of the most attractive scenarios in North American refining history. A new perspectives paper from Maine Pointe provides insight into this opportunity and considers the actions refinery executives can take right now to tap into it.

The paper, ‘A $100M EBITDA opportunity for oil refiners’ discusses:

  • 2 key factors that are driving this opportunity
  • 4 questions every North American refiner should be asking
“With domestic and internationally sourced crude both having economically attractive characteristics, refiners need to know how to act swiftly and decisively to tap into the options provided by the market,” said Ian Hedding, Vice President,Oil & Gas at Maine Pointe.

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