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Private Equity

Drive accelerated, measurable, and sustainable improvements in EBITDA, cash, resilience, and growth across portfolio company supply chains and operations

Forbes and U.S. Consulting Awards for Maine Pointe 2022

Our PE Strategy

Pre Deal - Validate Value

Our operational and analytics-driven due diligence services:

  • Quantifies EBITDA, cash savings, and growth opportunities
  • Increases bidding competitiveness
  • Reduces acquisition risks
  • Improves lender / investor dialog
  • Accelerates time-to-value creation
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Mapping the Route - Validate Value

Our accelerated performance improvement and M&A services:

  • Aligns management & organizations
  • Accelerates value, captures step-change improvements and delivers quick wins
  • Increases process consistency & maturity
  • Creates a sustainable Platform for growth
  • Integrates, consolidates & standardizes operations across the supply chain, manufacturing and distribution
  • Accelerates & sustains EBITDA, cash, resilience & growth
    Delivers 4-8:1 ROI

Before Exit - Optimize Value

Our sell-side and near exit optimization services:

  • Maximizes deal returns before exit
  • Accelerates benefit capture
  • Provides independent business plan validation
  • Articulates a long term improvement plan
  • Optimizes market value
  • Delivers 60:1 ROI
Successful deal

What Our Clients Say

The Maine Pointe engagement helped us drive the highest level of revenue ever and drove measurable improvement in EBITDA through manufacturing rationalization and sourcing optimization.

-Kirk Goins, CEO, Luminator Technology Group

The Maine Pointe team built a foundation of trust with me and provided us the disciplines and tools to achieve the EBITDA goals, setting us up for long term growth.

-Bill Leith, CEO, SupplyOne

Optimize your supply chain now

The SGS-Maine Pointe Difference

Rapid Insight & Control

Our data analytics and digital supply chain expertise unlocks insights across multiple company data silos and drives actionable insights for partners and portfolio CEOs to make real-time decisions.

Robust ROI Business Case & Road Map Development

Our in-depth analysis methodology is focused on quantifying production, supply chain & planning gaps to drive performance and improve EBITDA, cash, resilience & growth. Deliver 4-1:8:1 ROI Engagements.

Unique Implementation Methodology

Our pragmatic and unique Total Value Optimization™ implementation methodology is designed to drive portfolio companies to greater efficiency, resilience, growth and profitability.

Experience and PE Subject Matter Expertise

Our use of subject matter experts (SMEs) with extensive industry and private equity (PE) experience provides strong credibility and deep insights to achieve measurable results (Average 25 years experience).

Break Through Silos for Accelerated, Sustainable Change

Our Leader and Organization Improvement (LOI) process aligns functional elements (procurement, operations and logistics etc.) around goals and ensures sustainable change.

Unique 100% Guarantee of Fees Based on Annualized Savings

Our unique 100% engagement fee guarantee* mitigates the risk of the investment required to capture value.

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Private equity success will be predicated on balancing record growth and new deals with better risk management, improved visibility and optimized supply chains.

While those on the losing end tend to be those who lacked resiliency in the supply base, the winners planned ahead with better inventory positions, a more resilient supply base, greater optionality and usage of digital technologies, and labor and production practices that encouraged loyalty and attracted top talent.

How to Lessen The Impact Of Supply Chain Challenges

Supply chain challenges aren’t just a result of the Covid-19 pandemic—and they aren’t likely to go away any time soon. But there are ways that CEOs and CFOs can lessen their impact.

In a Q&A interview with Chief Executive Magazine, SGS-Maine Pointe CEO Jeff Staub shares insights about the complexities of supply chain issues, practical steps management can take to respond and how to best position companies for the future.

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Practical Insights

We are known for being a leading authority on helping our clients address their supply chain and operations

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CG&R Industry Accelerates Supply Chain Innovation through Digital

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Supply Chain Visibility Increases the ROI of Automation

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Is change fatigue affecting your supply chain?

Is change fatigue affecting your supply chain?

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Two Approaches to Help Ease Manufacturing’s Labor Shortage

Two Approaches to Help Ease Manufacturing’s Labor Shortage

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