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Corporate Leaders Under Pressure to Deliver on Performance

Steven Bowen, Chairman and CEO of Maine Pointe, describes new-economy challenges and solutions in his landmark book, "Total Value Optimization"

(Boston, Mass. – May 8, 2018) : CEOs and corporate leaders are facing unprecedented challenges to profitability. Steven Bowen, Chairman and CEO of Maine Pointe, describes these challenges and lays out a solution in his new book, "Total Value Optimization."

TVO Book Stacked New-1Rapid technological advances, changes in the global economy and political landscape, and a heightened level of competition are just a few of the challenges being faced by corporate leaders today. Within this environment, the supply chain has grown exponentially more complex, and even smaller enterprises must contend with a global supply ecosystem – and complicating factors like tariffs, trade wars and a constant re-evaluation of vendors in a never-ending march towards optimization.

In his book, Bowen takes on today's unusual convergence of supply chain factors that are impacting businesses throughout the world, and identifies the key factors in overcoming these challenges. "The supply chain can no longer be seen as a simple tactical process," said Bowen. "Supply chain is a competitive weapon. One of the biggest factors in the transformation needed to maintain profitability is an expanded sense of collaboration between all partners and across all functions. Functional silos often keep value from being created, and an overly internally-focused approach prevents meaningful communication between partners. Total Value Optimization overcomes these major challenges in a way that is created to address today's unusual set of circumstances – and transforms the supply chain into a competitive weapon."

In addition, Bowen notes that many companies lack the information they need – not because they lack the data, but because they have not yet transformed that data into useful insights.

Steve Bowen has more than 30 years of P&L experience leading turnarounds, high-growth businesses, and Fortune 1000 companies. He launched Maine Pointe to build a firm based on his own operational values, focusing on helping clients solve end-to-end supply chain challenges. He is available for live interviews, podcasts and quotes. His book is available on Amazon.

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Maine Pointe is a global supply chain and operations consulting firm trusted by many chief executives and private equity firms to drive compelling economic returns for their companies. We achieve this by delivering accelerated, sustainable improvements in EBITDA, cash and growth across their procurement, logistics and operations. Our hands-on implementation experts work with executives and their teams to rapidly break through functional silos and transform the buy-make-move-fulfill supply chain to deliver the greatest value to customers and investors at the lowest cost to business. We call this Total Value Optimization (TVO)â„¢.

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