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Michael Notarangeli Appointed EVP Logistics at Maine Pointe

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Maine Pointe continues to strengthen its leadership team to support further TVO delivery development in 2018. 

(Boston, Mass - January 08, 2018) Maine Pointe is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Notarangeli to its practice leadership team as Executive Vice President, Logistics.

A proven and capable leader, Mike brings 30 years of supply chain and logistics experience and innovation to Maine Pointe. He is a multidisciplinarian whose work spans the tactical aspects of supply chain and logistics, as well as strategic aspects such as process re-engineering, information technology design/implementation, global trade, international expansion and operations management. Mike has delivered innovative solutions to companies and clients of all sizes in terms of cost savings, solutions design, and operations excellence, by synthesizing unique requirements and industry best practices to create enterprise value.  

“Maine Pointe is a formidable blend of talent, experience, and proven methodology that, leveraged together, delivers cash, cost savings and growth solutions for its clients," said Mike Notarangeli, "I am delighted to create optimal value for our clients and help fuel Maine Pointe’s continued growth."

Mike has done expeditionary work in designing and implementing global supply chains. This includes forward and reverse logistics networks, building multilocal support organizations and leading complex transformation initiatives that links people to mission and results. 

“Mike Notarangeli’s proven leadership, combined with his years of Maine Pointe experience and commitment, creates significant leverage points. I am confident that our clients and firm will benefit as a result of his leadership,” said Collin Ziemerink, Executive Vice President, Delivery, Maine Pointe. 

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