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From Conflict to Cooperation: Repairing the Union-Management Relationship, Part Two

How working collaboratively with the unions helped set a corporate record for productivity

In part two of his three-part blog exploring the increasingly complex relationship between management and unions, Jim Mynaugh, Delivery and Service Excellence Advisor at Maine Pointe discusses the breakthrough results executives can achieve by working in partnership with the unions.

Topics: Operations Excellence Operational Improvements

Four Key Themes in Private Equity for 2017: Part Three, A Greater Opportunity for Platform Integration and Process Improvements

In the latest of our series of blogs looking at key private equity themes for 2017, Dan Ginsberg, Bill Shine and Mark McTigue explore how platform integration and process improvements can lead to significant value creation.


Topics: Private Equity Platform Improvements

The Supply Chain Reality: Increasing Complexities and Cost-Savings Fatigue Threaten Profitability

Steven Bowen’s New Book “Total Value Optimization” Outlines Methodology to Optimize Supply Chains for Competitive Advantage

CEOs and supply chain leaders are under increasing pressure to deliver differentiated, lasting performance—fast. Among the issues they struggle with; responding to the complexities faced across the supply chain and managing the daily challenges presented as competitors become more numerous, more formidable, and more global.

In today’s fast-paced market, profitability is at risk as whole supply chains shift in industries.

Topics: Total Value Optimization

Be a Brexit Winner: 4 Steps Every Food and Beverage CEO Can Take

How has more than a year of uncertainty impacted the F&B industry anwhat can executives do now to sustain and grow their business? 

Michael Kirstein, Vice President, Europe, at Maine Pointe, discusses the impact the June 2016 referendum has had on the industry and outlines 4 steps CEOs can take to prepare to do business in post-EU Britain.

Topics: Food & Beverage Brexit

Chemicals M&A Outlook: Where Perfect Storm Meets Perfect Opportunity

4 Key questions every chemicals executive should be asking

Mark Montanari, VP Chemicals and Oil & Gas at Maine Pointe, outlines how executives in the US chemicals industry can take advantage of a buoyant M&A market to turn the supply chain into a competitive weapon to enable growth.


Topics: mergers and acquisitons chemical industry consulting

From Conflict to Cooperation: Repairing the Union-Management Relationship, Part One

It isn't always the unions' fault

In part one of his three part blog exploring the increasingly complex relationship between management and unions, Jim Mynaugh, Delivery and Service Excellence Advisor at Maine Pointe purports that, while it may be easy for managers to lay the blame for operational problems at the unions’ door, managers can often be wrong.

Topics: Operations Excellence Operational Improvements

Five Common M&A Pitfalls to Avoid

70-80% of all M&As fail to achieve their financial goals

As stock prices and corporate cash levels continue to be close to record highs, and interest rates stay near historic lows, M&A activity over the coming year is set to remain high.

For CEOs and private equity executives with ambitious growth targets, acquiring another company can be a very attractive proposition. Yet survey after survey reports that as many as half of all mergers and acquisitions concluded don’t achieve their financial goals, and between 70-80% don’t create significant value. In the face of these disappointing statistics it’s an imperative for executives to change the way they approach transactions. 

Topics: mergers and acquisitons operational due diligence

Four Key Themes in Private Equity for 2017: Part Two, The Impact of An Increase in Corporate Divestitures

Dan Ginsberg, EVP and Mark McTigue, VP, Private Equity discuss the significant impact an increase in corporate divestitures is having on the market.

At the beginning of the year, we set out four key themes that we believed would have a significant impact on the PE market this year. Now that we are beyond the halfway point of 2017, we’re taking the opportunity to dive deeper into topic two on our list: An increase in corporate divestitures. We will examine the bearing this has had on the PE market so far this year and what continued impact it is likely to have as the year progresses.

Topics: Private Equity Divestiture

Operational Data Analytics - Three Ways to Unlock Value

Achieving the great promise of Industry 4.0 and the industrial internet of things (IIoT) requires changes to current methods of production, processing, and manufacturing. Many industries are already undergoing a reindustrialization to improve competitiveness. They recognize that Industry 4.0 will be mostly categorized using high-tech and big data. Yet, as the big data explosion continues unabated, research indicates that many executives are struggling to extract value and drive differentiation through data analytics and IIoT. At best, companies have captured just a third of the potential value. So, what’s standing in their way?
Topics: Data Analytics Cross-functional transformation

Reduced Cycle Time = Increased Speed, Growth and Profit

The golf cart story

Jim Mynaugh, Delivery and Service Excellence Advisor, explains how cycle time reduction improves speed, unlocks profit, enables growth, and argues that being 'good' is not 'good enough' anymore. 

Topics: Operations Excellence Operational Improvements