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Four Ways Advanced Data Analytics is Disrupting the F&B Supply Chain


Bill Forster, EVP Food & Beverage, Maine Pointe outlines how disruptive technologies are presenting the food and beverage industry with an unprecedented opportunity to improve margins, reduce waste and meet changing consumer demand.

The food and beverage market has always been fiercely competitive. Pressures around changing consumer behaviors, ingredient visibility, rising operational costs, production efficiency, and product quality form a complex operating environment for the industry as a whole. The modern supply chain depends on real-time data to operate efficiently. Survival is about complete visibility and having agility to capitalize on a rapidly changing market. It’s about smart use of new technologies to create a demand-driven end-to-end digital supply chain. Organizations need to embrace innovative technologies that help optimize daily operations and hone profit margins.

Topics: food&beverage supply chain transformation digital supply chain

Accelerating Time-to-Completion in Aerospace

With over 13,500 airplanes tied up in backlog, Dave Kleine, EVP Industrial Manufacturing & Services, and Alfred Baumbusch, EVP Operations, at Maine Pointe, outline how cross-functional supply chain collaboration is the key to unlocking trillions of dollars of revenue held up in production.

Topics: Industrial Manufacturing & Services Aerospace

Conversations in the C-Suite: Transformation for growth

With significant change needed in the chemicals and oil & gas markets in 2018, Mark Montanari, VP Chemicals and Oil & Gas at Maine Pointe, outlines some interesting insights straight from the horse’s mouth.

Topics: Oil & Gas chemical industry consulting

Act Now to Protect Margins in a Rising Commodity Market

In light of strong growth predictions for the global commodity market in 2018, Rex Clothier, EVP Strategic Procurement at Maine Pointe, considers the steps CEOs need to take now to protect margins and enhance EBITDA growth.




Topics: Strategic Procurement supply chain transformation digital supply chain

Is Your Supply Chain and Manufacturing Operation Set up to Capitalize on Growth in 2018?

As the initial impacts of the GOP tax reform bill begin to be felt, Simon Knowles, Chief Marketing Officer at Maine Pointe, asks executives a multimillion-dollar growth question.


Topics: global supply chain supply chain transformation cost, cash, growth

Ensuring Your Supply Chain Keeps Pace With Rapid Change in 2018

Chairman and CEO of Maine Pointe, Steven Bowen, talks about upcoming changes that will impact your business and supply chain in 2018.

Topics: supply chain transformation video

Four Key Themes in Private Equity for 2017: Part Four, An Increase in Pre-acquisition Operational Due Diligence of Potential Acquisition Targets

In the last of our series of blogs looking at key private equity themes for 2017, Dan Ginsberg, Bill Shine and Mark McTigue discuss how a relatively large inventory of portfolio companies readying for exit, coupled with high valuations has led many PE firms to re-evaluate the way due diligence is performed.


Topics: Private Equity operational due diligence

From Conflict to Cooperation: Repairing the Union-Management Relationship, Part Two

How working collaboratively with the unions helped set a corporate record for productivity

In part two of his three-part blog exploring the increasingly complex relationship between management and unions, Jim Mynaugh, Senior Delivery Advisor at Maine Pointe discusses the breakthrough results executives can achieve by working in partnership with the unions.

Topics: Operations Excellence Operational Improvements

Four Key Themes in Private Equity for 2017: Part Three, A Greater Opportunity for Platform Integration and Process Improvements

In the latest of our series of blogs looking at key private equity themes for 2017, Dan Ginsberg, Bill Shine and Mark McTigue explore how platform integration and process improvements can lead to significant value creation.


Topics: Private Equity Platform Improvements

The Supply Chain Reality: Increasing Complexities and Cost-Savings Fatigue Threaten Profitability

Steven Bowen’s New Book “Total Value Optimization” Outlines Methodology to Optimize Supply Chains for Competitive Advantage

CEOs and supply chain leaders are under increasing pressure to deliver differentiated, lasting performance—fast. Among the issues they struggle with; responding to the complexities faced across the supply chain and managing the daily challenges presented as competitors become more numerous, more formidable, and more global.

In today’s fast-paced market, profitability is at risk as whole supply chains shift in industries.

Topics: Total Value Optimization