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Practical Insights (Blog)

How Blockchain Technology is Starting to Transform the End-to-End Supply Chain

From source to sale: In the second of his series of blogs demystifying Industry 4.0 technologies, Simon Knowles, Chief Marketing Officer, focuses on some of the ways blockchain technology is beginning to make its mark on end-to-end global supply chains.

Topics: global supply chain digital supply chain Industry 4.0 blockchain

Sales & Operations Planning: The C-Suite Dilemma

In the first of a series of practical insights blogs looking at the evolving importance of S&OP in an aligned, synchronized, responsive end-to-end supply chain, Alfred Baumbusch, EVP Operations at Maine Pointe, looks at the challenges executives face and why success in S&OP projects often proves elusive.

Topics: Operations Excellence Smart Operations Industry 4.0 Sales & Operations Planning

Doubling Down on the Supply Chain: How Some West Texas Producers are Facing Headwinds from Increased Complexity, Resulting in Decreased Cash Operating Costs/Barrel

Tony Planos, VP Oil & Gas, outlines some of the key challenges currently faced by West Texas operators and discusses why he believes a holistic, end-to-end supply chain approach may be the way to overcome them.

Topics: Oil & Gas Total Value Optimization supply chain transformation Energy

Is a New Sustainment Model the Next Step in Defense Acquisition Reform?

Chris Brumitt, VP Aerospace & Defense, discusses the vital importance of sustainment and acquisition model reform to the defense mission.

Topics: Supply Chain Performance aerospace and defense

Maritime and Container Logistics: Who Will be the Catalysts to Drive Total Value Optimization?

Mike Notarangeli is EVP, Logistics at Maine Pointe and a former Executive Director for the Semiconductor Manufacturing Global Council at RosettaNet / GS1 US.

Mike recently attended  TPM19, the industry event for the Trans-Pacific Maritime Conference. Logistics providers, Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCOs), solution providers, and other members of the maritime logistics ecosystem came together to discuss important topics that will affect the industry in the near term and into the future. Here he shares some key takeaways from the event.
Topics: Logistics Sustainability Supply Chain Performance

Remaining Agnostic to Technology, Fueled By Advancing eProcurement Automation, Can Unlock Value and Enhance Company Performance

Nathanael Powrie, EVP Data Analytics, discusses how harnessing new technological advancements powered by developments in IoT, combined with advanced analytics, drives companies to leverage smart data for smart procurement.

Topics: Strategic Procurement Data Analytics supply chain optimization

Assessing Freight Sustainability

Mike Notarangeli, Maine Pointe’s EVP Logistics, discusses why freight sustainability has often become the key to retaining existing business and gaining new business. 


Topics: Logistics Sustainability Supply Chain Performance

Emerging Nations Put Oil and Gas on a 30-Year Growth Trajectory

Tony Planos, VP Oil & Gas, discusses some major challenges the oil & gas industry will face in the next three decades and considers what the industry can do today to prepare for tomorrow.

Topics: Oil & Gas Total Value Optimization supply chain transformation Energy

Five Ways 3D Printing Will Impact The Global Supply Chain

The additive manufacturing revolution is coming, and it could impact your organization sooner than you think. Simon Knowles, Chief Marketing Officer at Maine Pointe, discusses some of the ways the technology is already transforming supply chains and why it represents a major opportunity to create a competitive advantage.

Topics: global supply chain supply chain transformation Industry 4.0 3D printing

The Construction Industry's Impending Crisis and Opportunities for Growth

As dark clouds gather over the construction industry, Grant Cunningham, VP Industrial Manufacturing & Services discusses some of the challenges executives face and offers practical advice on how to weather the storm.

The construction industry is on the brink of a crisis, with some major challenges coming this year. Unpredictable tariffs, the rising cost of materials, a shortage of skilled labor and major shakeups in the transportation industry are all combining to change the construction landscape. However, if executives are prepared for these new realities, it is still possible to achieve meaningful and consistent growth.

Topics: Total Value Optimization global supply chain construction industry Industry 4.0