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A new way to drive value for your portfolio companies and add-on initiatives

With PE deal making continuing its unparalleled run and with add-ons continuing to increase their share of deals, PE executives need to find a new way to accelerate and optimize value when integrating add-ons. Maine Pointe’s private equity team discusses how supply chain network design and optimization can rapidly
equip private equity executives and portfolio CEOs with the ability to make faster and better decisions, respond to market dynamics and accelerate time-to-integration and value creation.

The imperative to rapidly respond to market dynamics to drive value

Topics: Private Equity Supply Chain Optimization portfolio investment digitalization Network Design

Gaining data visibility and control is critical to rebalancing the chemicals supply chain and operations

After the double shock of Coronavirus and the ‘Texas Freeze’ visibility and control of the chemicals supply chain and operations is critical to recovery. Glenn Hoskin, EVP Energy & Natural Resources at Maine Pointe, looks at the impact of these events on the industry and considers some of the steps executives can take to ensure they have accurate data at their fingertips to inform decision-making.

Topics: Operations Excellence Total Value Optimization Chemicals Operational Improvements Data Analytics Stabilize-Recover-Rebalance

Operations Excellence is Key in a Supply/Demand Imbalanced Environment

For manufacturers, the picture across the US is one of accelerating demand, labor shortages, raw materials scarcity and spiraling costs. Without immediate action, it’s a pattern that could impact your productivity and impede your organization’s growth for the foreseeable future. In this article, Simon Knowles, Chief Marketing Officer at Maine Pointe (SGS), discusses how integrated operations excellence is key to enhancing visibility, driving improved throughput and resolving supply/demand/distribution imbalances.

Topics: Operations Excellence Total Value Optimization Operational Improvements Digitally Enabled Supply Chain and Operations

Achieving a Synchronized Digital Supply Chain and Operations for Advantage

Nathanael Powrie and Simon Knowles conclude their series of articles examining the five-level digital supply chain and operations maturity journey with a look at how, as they move from level three to levels four and five, organizations break through the four walls of the business to achieve a synchronized, collaborative digital network for advantage.

Topics: Supply Chain Transformation Data Analytics Digitally Enabled Supply Chain and Operations TVO Control Tower Supply Chain Synchronization

Digital Supply Chain & Operations: What Level is Your Organization Now?

Nathanael Powrie and Simon Knowles continue their series of articles on the five-level digital supply chain and operations maturity journey from a reactive, legacy supply chain to a forward looking, synchronized digital network optimized for efficiency, agility, growth, quality and speed. This article focuses on the typical attributes of an organization at levels one and two maturity and provides real-world examples of the measurable benefits companies can achieve moving up from these initial phases.

Topics: Supply Chain Transformation Data Analytics Digitally Enabled Supply Chain and Operations TVO Control Tower

Quick Wins to Start your Digital Supply Chain Transformation Journey

If you are a senior executive trying to cut through the noise around digital transformation, mildly cynical, or unsure of the value and where to get started, this blog series is for you. We will help you separate the hype from the facts and navigate your way to digital supply chain transformation in a pragmatic, measurable and step-by-step way.

Topics: Supply Chain Transformation Data Analytics Digitally Enabled Supply Chain and Operations TVO Control Tower

Specialty Chemicals: Capitalizing on a Surge of M&A/Carve-Out Activity

As chemical companies begin to see the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, Glenn Hoskin, EVP Energy, Natural Resources & Chemicals looks at the predicted rise in M&A and carve-out activity and asks how, in a hyper-competitive deal environment, corporate buyers can increase confidence and accelerate time to value pre- and post-acquisition.

Topics: Sustainability and Value Creation Specialty Chemicals M&A Carve-Out

Is your supply chain and operation prepared for a surge in growth?

JP Morgan predict that, following a slowdown at the beginning of the year, growth should surge in Q3 of 2021*. Maine Pointe's Steve Delano considers how, fueled by a release of pent-up consumer demand and extra savings, this might affect the consumer discretionary sector. This digest outlines nine strategies executives should adopt now to ensure they are fully prepared for a surge in growth.

Topics: Cost, Cash, Growth Supply Chain Optimization Supply Chain Resilience CPG & Retail

2021 Will be the Year of M&As and Carve-Outs - How Private Equity can Maximize Performance

Analysts predict carve-out deal value in 2021 will hit the highest level on record with some buyouts likely to be priced above 20x EBITDA. Maine Pointe’s private equity leads, Mark McTigue and Joseph Esteves look at the basis of these predictions and consider how, in a hyper-competitive market, businesses can position themselves for success whether they are preparing an asset for sale, or looking at it from a buyers’ perspective.

Topics: Private Equity M&A Carve-Out

Seven Steps to Resolve Endemic Issues in the AA&D Supply Chain

In this brief article based on their recent co-authored AA&D executive discussion document, Chris Brumitt, VP AA&D at Maine Pointe and Steven Melnyk, Prof. Supply Chain Management at MSU, address the unprecedented challenges currently faced by the aviation, aerospace & defense supply chain and offer seven practical steps to overcome them.

Topics: Aviation, Aerospace and Defense Supplier Risk Management Supplier Performance Management Supplier Performance Approach