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    About Maine Pointe

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Our Story

Maine Pointe was founded in 2004 in the US as a result of the simple observation that senior executives and private equity firms needed specialists to help them drive measurable operational improvements, fast. To achieve this, Steve Bowen, our Chairman and CEO, invested in building a results-driven implementation firm that was underpinned with a culture and set of values clients could trust.

Today, Maine Pointe is recognized as a specialist in driving EBITDA, cash and growth improvements across the areas of procurement, operations and logistics. The reach of our operations has spread across North America, Europe and Asia. Not only that, Maine Pointe is distinctive in its ability to underpin its projects with a unique 100% engagement fee guarantee.*

Our Purpose

We deliver compelling economic returns to our clients and our people through accelerated performance improvements in EBITDA, cash and growth.

Our Values


Doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.
  • Exhibit honesty, courage and respect in all actions and communications
  • Differentiate between what is right or wrong and do what is right in an ethical way
  • Treat others at least as well as we want to be treated
  • Speak up when we observe something is not right

Service Excellence

Dedication to delivering services and results which exceed clients' needs, expectations and commitments.
  • Take time to understand client needs and expectations
  • Approach everything we do with a can-do attitude
  • Stay focused on our scope of work and drive to expected outcomes
  • Proactively hold ourselves, and our clients accountable
  • Translate innovative ideas into services that create value for our clients
  • Work at an accelerated pace to deliver results

Personal Growth

Pursuing individual development and success, while achieving a balance between health, family, spiritual and professional goals.

  • Embrace a life-work synergy that enhances our effectiveness
  • Openly recognize and acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses
  • Take the initiative in developing, learning and advancing
  • Pursue professional proficiency and excellence
  • Be disciplined in everything we do
  • Value the learnings that come from our diverse client and industry environment


Committing ourselves to individual ownership, responsibilities and actions.

  • Own outcomes fully, even when someone else has not fulfilled their responsibility
  • Utilize a can-do approach in finding a way to meet our responsibilities
  • Execute our plans on time and with results that exceed expectations
  • Openly acknowledge when we need help and proactively seek it


Providing support to each other, and to our clients, through leadership and coaching.

  • Have absolute clarity on your role and interdependencies
  • Align team members to the common goal
  • Develop strong and supportive professional relationships
  • Intentionally develop esprit de corps
  • Subordinate one’s own ego to the success of the whole
  • Willingly step up when something needs to be done

Company Overview

Maine Pointe is a global implementation-focused consulting firm trusted by many chief executives and private equity firms to drive compelling economic returns for their companies. We achieve this by delivering accelerated, sustainable improvements in both EBITDA and cash across their procurement, logistics and operations to enable growth. Our hands-on implementation experts work with executives and their teams to rapidly break through functional silos and transform the buy-make-move-fulfill supply chain to deliver the greatest value to customers and investors at the lowest cost to business. We call this Total Value Optimization (TVO)™.

Maine Pointe’s engagements are results-driven and deliver between 4:1-8:1 ROI. We are so confident in our work and our processes that we provide a unique 100% guarantee of engagement fees based on annualized savings.  

Client Testimonial Video

The president of a specialty materials and chemicals company talks candidly about how Maine Pointe helped his organization switch from tactical to strategic procurement and delivered a double-digit increase in EBITDA.



See how Maine Pointe is trusted to achieve measurable results and watch more client testimonial videos here.

*We endeavor to underwrite all engagements with a guarantee. Subject to the findings in our analysis, there may be circumstances when we will adjust this guarantee.