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Maine Pointe Opens Calgary, Alberta Office

Presence Establishes Focal Point for Work with North American Oil and Gas/Mining Leaders

(Boston, Mass. – March 11, 2014) Maine Pointe, an operations management and implementation firm that is a leader in sustainable global supply chain transformation, has opened a Calgary, Alberta, office at Banker's Hall, 888 3rd Street, South West (Telephone 403.444.5995).

The office establishes a continuing focal point in Canada for opportunities with North American Oil and Gas, and Mining, companies across the region. Recent and ongoing engagements include CNRL (Canadian Natural Resources, Ltd.), Irving Oil, Philadelphia Energy Solutions (formerly Sunoco), Mosaic, Potash Corp., and Suncor.

describe the image"The growth of Maine Pointe into Western Canada is the result, in part, of recognition for the firm's specialized operations knowledge across multiple industry supply and value chains – where the application of best practices is particularly desirable by market leaders seeking to grapple with an unprecedented scale of industry change," notes Maine Pointe President Anthony (Tony) Prosser.

"Companies in Western Canada have particular operational and value creation needs that may be effectively addressed by our senior team, all of whom have years of frontline leadership experience across an array of competitive contexts," adds Prosser. "Maine Pointe also integrates a financially accountable, bottom-line approach to Sustainability that aligns with new expectations in the Oil and Gas, and Mining industries for a greater emphasis on responsible business practices – such as attentiveness to 'license to operate', regulatory compliance, and risk management concerns."

Seasoned Leadership for Complex Supply and Value Chain Dynamics
Stephen Hamilton
Executive Vice President, is leading Maine Pointe's Oil and Gas services offering to national oil companies, global major and large independent oil companies. describe the imageHamilton and his Maine Pointe team are also working with oil field service firms that specialize in providing supply chain management solutions or other specialty operational services – such as contract drilling, well management, transportation and remote field logistics as well as joint-ventured companies focused on select sub-segments of the industry. They also plan to engage more with companies specializing in exploration and production, transportation, and trading in addition to those in refining, marketing, and retail.

Hamilton is an industry veteran with 29 years of domestic and international implementation experience – having been responsible for the direct leadership of projects that attained over $1.8 billion in bottom-line improvements for ConocoPhillips, Cenovus, BHP and Shell, among others. His broad knowledge base in operations management, M&A due diligence and integration, revenue growth as well as business process and performance improvement is informed from engagement successes across six continents.

Breaking Through the Barriers to Better Growth and Profitability
Maine Pointe helps clients maximize profits and improve cash flow to free up working capital while developing a sustainable approach to business practices. We accelerate value creation by leveraging our frontline operations, strategic procurement, and logistics expertise across the entire value chain of all the industries we work in to break through the barriers to improved growth and profitability.

Our methodologies, processes, and collaborative knowledge transfer capabilities help transform how companies actually operate on the ground. Maine Pointe teams work with all personnel to seize opportunities that drive significant cash, profitability, and EBITDA enhancements to the bottom line – effectively aligning facilities, capabilities, processes and strategic initiatives for long-term advantage. By utilizing the right combination of functional competencies, we deliver innovative cost-saving business transformation solutions that are accountable and measurable. MP

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