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Sustainability Solutions

Driving measurable sustainability improvements across your supply chain and operations

Sustainability expertise areas

SGS Maine Pointe sticks to a comprehensive set of due diligence, analysis, implementation and verification services to drive the highest ethical value to stakeholders at the lowest risk and cost to business.


Due Diligence

Brings together subject matter and due diligence experts that identify material sustainability risks, gaps and opportunities.

Sustainable Sourcing

By adopting sustainable sourcing practices, organizations can reduce their environmental footprint, improve social conditions, and enhance their business performance.

Network Design & Footprint Optimization

By identifying, aligning and running scenario plans this service optimizes the supply chain network and manufacturing footprint from a sustainability, revenue, profit, service and visibility perspective.

Supplier Transparency

Identifies risks, enhances visibility & traceability and opens up new compliant sources of supply for accelerated supplier qualification and certification.

A 360° sustainability solution

We help clients achieve their sustainability goals by implementing an efficient, resilient and environmentally-focused end-to-end supply chain and operation.

What we do Benefit
Sustainability Audit Identifies materiality items, establishes benchmarks and prioritizes sustainability risks, gaps and opportunities
Market Research & Value/Supply Chain Mapping Provides insights into global suppliers, partners and product flows to align resources with sustainability priorities
Operations & Supply Chain Risk Assessment Investigates root causes of operational and supply chain sustainability risks and develops an action plan for mitigation
Design for Supply Chain Sustainability Excellence Defines the structure for your operations and supply chain for achieving sustainability excellence
Network Design & Operational Footprint Optimization Optimizes your operations and supply chain for sustainability, service, efficiency, agility, visibility, revenue and profit
Launch Readiness Accomplish key pre-work activities to accelerate implementation launch
Integration of Sustainability into Sourcing Implements sourcing improvements to create a supply network inclusive of sustainability performance into supplier evaluation, selection and management
Operational Implementation Improve sustainability performance (energy, water, waste…) of your direct operations with direct cost savings
Supplier Sustainability Performance Acceleration Accelerates supplier sustainability performance improvements/excellence across your value network
Sustainability KPI Verification On-going verification and reporting of sustainability performance across your value chain providing certainty in improvements
Identify New Sustainability Improvements Identification of new opportunities based on network and industry best practices and trends

ESG brings ROI to the environment and bottom line 

If sustainability initiatives are top of mind for you, let’s set up a call today to determine how we can help you on your customized journey.

Sustainability Success Story & Podcast

Driving measurable and sustainable change

esg case study cs166 thumbnail image (v1)

Reduction in carbon emissions equivalent to 2,173 passenger vehicles taken off the road in conjunction with driving annualized savings of 20%.

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SGS-Maine Pointe joins this episode of The Rebound Podcast to discuss research into supply chain’s role in ESG (Environment, Social & Governance).

Listen to Podcast

A Simple Guide to ESG  

The what, the why, the how. 

'The 'Simple Guide to ESG in the Supply Chain' is a three-part series explaining best practices and ROI of integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) priorities into supply chain management.

Written in association with the Global Supply Chain Institute.

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