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leadership team

Our international leadership team brings a wealth of experience and expertise helping clients drive measurable and sustainable EBITDA, cash and growth improvement.

Executive Leadership Team


Steven Bowen

Steven Bowen

 Chairman & CEO


Simon Knowles

 Chief Marketing Officer

Mary Lyons

Mary Lyons

 Chief Human Resources Officer 


Susan O'Shea

 Chief Financial Officer

Steve Ottley

Stephen Ottley

 EVP Analysis & Delivery


Janice Pinson

EVP Maine Pointe Academy



Leadership Team


Alfred Baumbusch.jpg

Alfred Baumbusch

EVP Engagement Partner

Chris Brummitt-1

Chris Brumitt

VP Aviation, Aerospace & Defense


Rex Clothier

VP Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Joseph Esteves.jpg

Joseph Esteves

VP Private Equity


Bill Forster

EVP Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Denis Godbout

Denis Godbout

EVP Engagement Partner

David Grasso

David J Grasso

EVP Aviation, Aerospace & Defense

James Gurule

James Gurulé

EVP Engagement Partner

Jamie Loder

Jamie Loder

VP Private Equity, Europe


Mark McTigue.jpg

Mark McTigue

EVP Private Equity, North America


Mark Montanari.jpg

Mark Montanari

VP Chemicals and Oil & Gas

Tim Montgomery

Tim Montgomery

EVP Engagement Partner

Mike Notarangeli.jpg

Michael Notarangeli

EVP Engagement Partner

Nathanael Powrie.jpg

Nathanael Powrie

EVP Data Analytics

Brad Stitt

Brad Stitt

EVP Supply Chain Management

Steve Thevenin

Steve Thevenin

EVP Leader and Organization Improvement

Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson

EVP Engagement Partner


Collin Ziemerink

 EVP Industrial Manufacturing & Services