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Oil & Gas

Find sustainable solutions to your unique, global challenges in procurement, operations, logistics, and regulatory compliance.

SGS Maine Pointe deploy end-to-end supply chain optimization, visualization, and control for measurable improvements in profit and growth while meeting those challenges.


Key areas to focus on


Profit & Working Capital Improvement

Value stream mapping, price transparency, improved service, strategic sourcing, and supplier optionality control costs and optimize working capital. With spend analytics, we provide oversight into what is being purchased by whom and why to help control CAPEX and OPEX.


Capacity Improvement

Predictive maintenance and capacity analysis and optionality catapult asset reliability, maintenance excellence, and asset utilization. We improve forecast and demand planning with advanced analytics and end-to-end supply chain simulation.


Productivity Improvement

Operations excellence, complexity management, and leadership and organizational improvement (LOI) skyrocket productivity and performance. With footprint optimization, we improve safety and efficiency while maximizing margins. We use smart technology, including machine learning, to span labor shortages.

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Logistics Solutions

By optimizing fleet management and last mile delivery, we improve on time in full delivery and customer relationships. With logistics management systems, inventory planning, footprint optimization, and distribution planning, you gain greater insight and control over logistics, even in remotest areas.

Challenges you may face 

Rising Costs

Labor Shortage

Capacity Constraints

Supply & Demand Imbalance

Economic Turbulence

ESG Pressures

Technology Advances

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The oil & gas industry faces falling prices coupled with rising costs in engineering, procurement, construction, and installation (EPCI). That cost escalation reflects equipment scarcity, labor shortages, and competition for raw materials, including cement and steel.

SGS Maine Pointe closes the gap through advanced data analytics focused on breaking down and tracking spend; launching data-driven, win-win negotiations with suppliers; and improving forecast and demand planning. With design for excellence (DfX) and operations excellence, we reduce complexity and drive improvements in efficiency and productivity. 

We address your most pressing issues:

  • Identify and close capacity, capability, and supply chain gaps.
  • Design and implement process controls, dashboards, and scorecards with KPIs relevant to leaders and managers.
  • Initiate strategies to meet ESG and compliance goals while containing costs.Optimize and strategize procurement, operations, and logistics, including remote site services.

Where to begin

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