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Auto Industry Consulting

Mobilize your supply chain to propel you through procurement, operations, and logistics barriers

Steering through the intricacies of automotive challenges

In today's volatile automotive landscape, mastering the intricacies of risk, demand, labor, quality, costs, and competition is pivotal. Delve into the challenges and strategies to overcome them, propelling your operations to the forefront of the industry.

Controlling Risk

Economic swings, long supply chains, recalls, and rapid technology change threaten your profits. You need real-time visibility into your entire plan-make-buy-move supply chain based on data you can trust.

Meeting Demand

Balancing supply and demand requires forecast and demand planning, and that requires advanced analytics and simulation. Strong supplier relationship management and oversight ensures you have the supplies you need when you need them.

Closing Labor Gap

When hiring more people isn’t possible, upskilling, automation, footprint optimization, and leadership and organization strategies can mitigate labor shortages and increase productivity.

Improving Quality

Do you know the root causes for quality issues and recalls? Are procurement, operations, engineering, and logistics tackling those root causes collaboratively? Are they committed to continuous improvement?

Lowering Costs

Higher costs have multiple causes, including run-away spend, obsolete and excess inventory, and poor asset maintenance and utilization; but the results are ultimately the same: loss of market share.

Staying Competitive

You are losing out to competitors unless you understand the end-to-end supply chain effect of decisions ranging from make vs. buy, engineering effectiveness, and complexity management to pricing and cost of goods sold.

How we address the challenges

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Optimize Supply Chain

We optimize your supply chain based on predictive analytics supply chain simulations, and sales, inventory, and operations, planning. We bring planning, procurement, operations and engineering to their peak of performance. 

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Manage Complexity

We demonstrate how design, product, and program excellence leads to untapped value, including improvements in productivity, asset utilization and availability, and spend.

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Source Strategically

We diversify and strengthen your supply chain, and turn suppliers into partners in overcoming logistics, OTIF, and costing challenges. We make supply chains shorter, more reliable, and less prone to bureaucratic snafus.

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Build Business 

Our automotive consultants help you capitalize on new business models and new technologies, introduce changes that stick, set the foundation for disciplined demand forecasting, and remain competitive.

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Control Costs

We give you visibility into costs, including fluctuations in raw material and energy expenses. We reduce tail spend and waste; increase efficiency and productivity; and improve return on assets (ROA).

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Working Capital Reduction

To free up working capital, we use a three-pronged approach: releasing cash, reducing cost & inventory, and improving service. We institute cash flow management strategies throughout the company.

Total Value Optimization

Total Value Optimization (TVO)TM serves as a guiding principle and the foundation for every SGS Maine Pointe engagement, consisting of a comprehensive six-step implementation approach. By breaking down functional barriers, enhancing supply chain management, fostering organizational growth, and unleashing hidden value, TVO drives transformative results.


Why TVO?

While many consulting firms follow a traditional approach, seeking to find cost savings through individual solutions such as strategic sourcing, forecasting, inventory management, lean manufacturing, or distribution, it is important to note that these point solutions alone do not provide significant and sustainable increases in EBITDA, service quality, or overall resilience.


"Total Value Optimization is the best approach we have seen to achieve integrated supply chain excellence in logistics, operations, and procurement."

- J. Paul Dittmann Ph.D., Executive Director
Global Supply Chain Institute, University of Tennessee


typical ROI in first year

10% to 30%

Average EBITDA Growth

Up to 20%

Reduction in supply chain costs

What our clients say


“Congratulations to Maine Pointe for a job well done. You have gone above your commitment and been instrumental in the building of our new plant as well as the success of our procurement team.”


 “Total Value Optimization was the main reason why we selected Maine Pointe. They could go across our manufacturing plants, our global supply chain, the leadership and organization and help us with developing sustainable processes and practices. Maine Pointe helped us deliver on our highest level of revenue ever, we had a measurable improvement in EBITDA that was significant and beneficial to the company and we are going to continue to reap a return on our investment in the next year and a half.”

We chose Maine Pointe because of their significant experience. 

-David Martin, CFO of Titan

We have expectations to grow this business by 25 to 50% in the next 5 years.

-Brent Yeagy, President & CEO, Wabash

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