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    Leader & Organization Improvement

    We aligned PE firm/Portfolio company culture and delivered EBITDA of $5.9M

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    Success Story

    Cultural alignment for successful integration post-acquisition

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Aligning your teams with your strategic goals

In an increasingly competitive and volatile global business environment, it is more important than ever to achieve and sustain a productive company culture. Leadership needs to develop the capabilities to align limited resources, break down departmental silos and engender a culture in which every team member understands exactly how their own activities contribute to the organization’s broader strategic goals.

Our LOI program

Working hand-in-hand with our operations, logistics and procurement practices, our leader and organization improvement process is effective because everyone at all levels of the organization is involved, engaged and committed. The result is a compelling, logical, results-focused game plan that the senior team is committed to and that people throughout the organization can understand support and execute against.

Our process

Our LOI process engages your entire team through assessments, alignment exercises and training. Then it guides you through the application, evaluation and follow-up to identify problem areas and drive specific improvements. Characteristically, the process will:


Impact on your organization

Maine Pointe's leader and organization improvement program fundamentally shifts the internal conditions and cultural environment necessary for achieving and sustaining breakthrough performance. The impacts include:
  • Enhanced management skills and competencies
  • Supervisor skill development
  • Sustainable behavioral change
  • Improved motivation and morale
  • Increased employee job satisfaction = retention rates
  • Greater internalization of core organizational value

Our LOI approach is different because:

  • By embedding LOI within our implementation projects, we drive immediate impact and accelerate sustainable operational change
  • Our LOI practitioners work alongside our practice and industry subject matter experts to reinforce the specific skills needed to embed cultural change and propel your organization forward

Clients Speak

To assist in the cultural transformation, Maine Pointe conducted a focus and alignment session to pull everyone into the improvement initiative. They introduced a Leadership and Organization Improvement specialist (LOI) to facilitate discussions which created a platform for our leadership to develop the mission, vision and values that form the basis of the future Sun-Maid operating culture. This allowed us to clarify ownership and responsibilities within our divisions, resulting in increased effectiveness, decision-making, and execution.”


Harry Overly, CEO Sun-Maid Growers of California

It was a simple decision to bring in Maine Pointe to support our management team in planning and facilitating the largest undertaking in our company’s history: a complete structural and cultural change for our operations. Each Maine Pointe team member was a true expert in their field, able to share best in practice applications and maximize the value added.”

President, Major Plumbing-Heating-Cooling supply company

Maine Pointe’s well-educated professionals with their significant, practical, hands-on experience brought a unique set of competencies to the partnership with Solutia. Specifically, their capabilities and deep expertise in Operations Excellence and Logistics provided Solutia with significant ROI across several of our divisions. They met or exceeded our expectations.” 

James R. Voss, Executive Vice President, Global Operations, Solutia

One of the many strengths of the Maine Pointe team was their communication and collaboration skills. Maine Pointe personnel worked closely and effectively with our executive leadership and cross-functional teams to identify and capture significant savings across the enterprise-wide spend portfolio. I would recommend Maine Pointe to any company looking to significantly improve their supply chain service offering and to enhance the overall effectiveness of their company.”

Jamie Better, CEO, Nellson

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