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    Data Analytics

    A client with a data team of 38 people was shocked by what our small team of Data Analysts uncovered in just 4 weeks. The resulting projects delivered $48M in savings while freeing up $300M in cash

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    Success Story

    Aligning the ERP system with shop floor activities improved accuracy of information and decision making and contributed to a 56% EBITDA improvement

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Data Analytics Engagement Model

The engagement model below will help you quickly assess where the opportunities are in your business and help you ascertain where you would like to be.

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What Maine Pointe's Data Analysts Achieve

Paper manufacturing company

Our data analytics team helped a global paper manufacturing company improve customer service and sales forecasting by cleaning and reducing duplicate records by 60% across 4 disparate systems. By deploying fuzzy logic techniques data integrity is now sustained and integrated with their network optimization system for efficient transportation and enhanced performance.

Crop nutrients producer 

Having implemented a similar analysis and engagement for this major global crop nutrients producer in a different region, our data analytics team was called in to assess, verify, refine and improve the data and insights needed to strengthen the client’s negotiating position with their captive Class 1 railroad provider. The actionable insight will help them negotiate and build a win-win partnership that will result in significant cost savings and improved time-to-market.